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"I had been anxious and nervous about wedding dress shopping since I got engaged. When you're a plus size bride, the whole experience can be a little overwhelming. I kept envisioning myself not being able to fit into any sample dress. My nerves were put the rest after my experience at AniA. First all, the store is nicely laid out, with little nooks for brides and their parties. I only brought my mom (in the case I couldn't fit in to any I wouldn't be too embarrassed!) and we were guided back to our room with a nice couch and changing room tucked away. We were offered free champagne while we waited for our consultant. After a few moments, we were greeted by Lindsay, who was so friendly and nice it felt more like I was chatting with a friend.

I had already mentioned a dress I loved when I set up the appointment on the phone weeks before and that was the first thing Lindsay brought up. We talked styles and my budget and she went off to pull the dresses. The sample size of the dress I really wanted was a few sizes smaller than what I wear in street clothes, so I was nervous I wouldn't be able to get a feel of what it would look like. Lindsay assured me it would be no issue! She guided me right into the dress and while it wasn't able to close all the way in the back, I was able to wear it and see what it would look like. I had found my dress! Lindsay pulled swatches to show me the different colors of the linings the dress came in. She even brought over a mannequin to show me how it flowed when on. She really went did an amazing job! It was so easy to work with her and fun!

I want to note I drove about 3 hours to a speciality plus size bridal store a few weeks beforehand and was disappointed by the selection and consultant I worked with. Going to Ania was so much better!

I would 100% reccomend AniA Bridal to any plus size bride. The Watters Wtoo Curve Collection is great!"

"I bought my wedding dress from AniA Collection about 9 months ago and my experience as well as every experience with then since has been wonderful! My mother and I came in without an appointment just to look around and they were so nice they even let me try a dress on really quick! We booked an appointment and came back a week later. This time my appointment was with Olivia. We were given champagne and were shown to a private place in the back. Olivia was so awesome she showed me 4 different dresses around my budget and I ended up purchasing the very first one I tried on. Olivia knew exactly what I was looking for (even if I didn't lol). Iv'e been back in several times to look at accessories, veils, for a couple fittings and it's always a treat going back. The whole team is super sweet. I only wish I had another reason to go back after my wedding ."

-Brittney P., OR

"My cousin had an appointment here to look for her wedding dress. Her consultants name is Lindsay. Lindsay was really helpful and super friendly. They had friendly staff in general. Lindsay definitely knew what she was doing and was awesome at accommodating to what my cousin was looking for. Awesome staffs and great selections here."

-Nikki D.


"Thank you Shelley for making my dress shopping day amazing! I had never gone to try on a wedding dress before ,and she made it so easy, she pulled some great dresses for me, and I even showed her my pinterest board, and she pulled the dress that I had my eye on for a month, and it was just as gorgeous in person. 
My sister came with me, and she asked for me to try on a fluffy ballgown, and even though it wasn't my style, it was a beautiful dress, and I did really like the colors at the bottom of the skirt. I felt like a magical my little pony princess. 
I am not getting married for over a year, but I already know this is where I am going to buy my dress from."

-Janet R.

"Aisling was a great listener when it came to pulling dresses. I was very concerned about finding a dress to complement my large bust, and she walked me through my options with each dress I tried. The dress I ended up buying was nothing like I had ever envisioned, but this woman knows what she is doing and put me in the perfect dress! Also it was half my budget! The store is lovely, and every dress I tried was stunning. They have a great selection and a great staff! Highly recommend!"

-Emily K.

"Kelly was my consultant and she was AMAZING!!!!! My maid of honor pulled her aside and let her know about our horrible first experience. She made it her mission to make me happy and love the experience of wedding dress shopping. She took the time to get to know me and my taste. She made me feel comfortable, confident and beautiful. Even though my budget of what I wanted to spend was well below the average dress in their shop that didn't stop Kelly. She suggested we try "off the rack" dresses which are the floor samples and that way we could stay within my budget. I found the dress of my dreams and walked out of their store beaming!! She saved the day and made me completely forget about the first place. Without Kelly being so great at her job I wouldn't have had the experience I did! She was really wonderful and I cant thank her enough!!!"

"Wonderful experience overall! Large selection to choose from and great quality dresses. Sophie was warm and did not put on any pressure. She was excellent at her job! Very pleasant experience. We will definetly be back for the next sister."

-Nicole S.

"Had a great experience with Ania. Went in for my first time trying on dresses just to get an idea of what I liked seeing that I wasn't sure what I was looking for. My consultant asked me a few questions about what I liked and didn't like and pulled some gowns for me to try on. She ended up picking out the perfect dress that I just fell in love with! I never would have selected it myself so I am so happy she picked it. Great customer service. I also used their recommendation for alterations and they turned out perfectly. Also bought the flower girl dresses here which was great because you get a discount after buying your dress. Highly recommended!"



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"Ania collection was the perfect choice in my journey to find a dress! I had less than a month till my elopement and they were able to see me quickly and help me find the dress of my dreams! Sophie was awesome to work with and gave me some great recommendations. I highly recommend coming here for your wedding dress. Also, prices are VERY reasonable!"

-Janine C.

"Shelley is wonderful! She chose a great starting selection of dresses for me to try and then listened to my feedback and grabbed more dresses that were even closer to perfect. She did a great job of offering me dresses with elements I wanted and elements that I didn't know I would like. She interacted well with my mom and sister and was so encouraging and supportive. I love the dress I chose and I look forward to picking it up in a few months!"
-Elizabeth W.

"AniA was amazing! As soon as I walked in the door, I felt comfortable. From trying on dresses before I came to AniA, I felt they were very thorough in asking what I liked and disliked from previous dresses. Aisling was very supportive and kept asking what I liked about each dress. Her assistant, Elizabeth (who was in training btw) was a complete pro as well. They asked me if I wanted something I totally didn't think I wanted and fell in love with it. It was THE dress. I had an appointment at another bridal salon that day and cancelled it after going to AniA. I look forward to seeing my dress when it comes in. Thank you so much!!"


I can't imagine anyone had a bad experience here! I want to make sure I give a extra special shout out to my consultant: Kelly. This was the third bridal shop I went to, and I was beginning to worry the type of dress I wanted just didn't exist. When I described it to Kelly (light, danceable, not lacey), she didn't seem phased. She didn't bring a single dress I didn't love. The first dress I tried was the one I left with. She kept me calm and collected the whole time, which was not easy. In addition, when I went for my fitting, the dress didn't fit correctly. This wasn't due to mis-measuring nor me gaining weight, it was just a funny dress. While I began sweating, Kelly kept me calm and ensured me it would be fixed, even if I needed a whole new dress. The dress is amazing and Ania was incredible. Don't skip it and ask for Kelly."

-Megan D.

"My cousin had an appointment here to look for her wedding dress. Her consultants name is Lindsay. Lindsay was really helpful and super friendly. They had friendly staff in general. Lindsay definitely knew what she was doing and was awesome at accommodating to what my cousin was looking for. Awesome staffs and great selections here."

-Nikki D.

"I had a GREAT experience shopping here for my own wedding dress and for my friend's wedding dress and for a bridesmaid dress for my friend's wedding. They have an awesome collection, with dresses starting around $1000. (There's a really good selection in the $1000-$1400 price-range.) I bought an Allure Bridal gown that I'm just in love with - high-quality beading, and just the right amount of pouf in the skirt. No complaints at all!"

-Sarah B.