How much does a passport cost?

Standard US Department of State processing times are now longer. Expect 6-8 weeks for routine processing. If you need a passport sooner, consider accelerating it. How much does a passport cost?

One of the most common questions people have when applying for a passport is “how much will it cost me?” How much does it cost to get a passport? Passport fees may change, so check this page to check current passport prices for 2020.

Passport fees will depend on how quickly you need your passport. Passport processing times can range from 24 hours to even 8 weeks or longer.

Explanation of passport fees until 2020

Fee for the accepting agent: The accepting agent will verify the applicant’s identity, signatures of witnesses and review the required documents. This is required for all applicants who must apply for a new adult passport, replacement passport or children’s passport. The fee is USD 35 and is payable at the acceptance agent’s outlet, usually at the post office or poviat office.

  • New passport (for adults 16 years and older): For the new adult passport book: application fee of USD 110 and fee for making USD 35. The new total fee is 145 USD.
  • Passport cards (for adults 16 years and older): The application fee is 30 USD, and the application fee 35 USD. The new total fee is USD 65. Again, this only happens if you want a passport, but you have never had a passport before. If you already have a passport, use the DS-82 form to submit your passport card application by post and avoid the execution fee.
  • Lost, stolen or damaged passport replacement: The application fee is USD 110, the enforcement fee is USD 35, and the new total fee is USD 145.00.
  • Passports for children under 16 years of age: The application fee is $ 80.00 and the enforcement fee is $ 35.00, for a total of $ 115.00.

    How much does a passport cost?
  • Passport cards for children under 16 years of age: The application fee is USD 15 and the application fee is USD 35. The total cost is 50 USD.
  • Renewing your passport (by post): If you renew by post, the fee is USD 110.00. Passport renewals are only available for adult passports (valid for 10 years), valid for less than 5 years and undamaged.
  • Passport card (by post): the cost remains unchanged at USD 30, as no performance fee is required.
  • Expedited Passport Services: Traveling earlier than 6-8 weeks? The standard processing time for an accelerated passport is 2-3 weeks via mail. If you need your passport even faster, there are additional options. Expedited passport services are available, but will cost an additional $ 60 in addition to other fees, plus the cost of late-night shipping to and from the passport office. Read below for more information on obtaining a passport quickly.

Passport picture

Applicants are required to submit their own 2 by 2 inch photo. Some post offices take passport photos for $ 15, and many companies offer passport photography services for slightly less. For the cheapest option, it is possible to take a digital photo at home (without a selfie!), Print a 4×6 photo and cut it to the required size. However, if you choose this route, make sure your photo meets a lot of size, lighting and clothing requirements.


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