How to delete apps?

Some tips on how to remove unnecessary applications from your phone. Programs that you don’t use take up memory and sometimes clog your smartphone. When the phone is working slowly, it is worth turning off unnecessary applications and delete files. Check how to do it quickly, easily and without root. How to delete apps?

Uninstall and disable the application on the Android device

You can uninstall the applications installed on your phone. If you want to install it again after uninstalling the purchased application, you don’t have to pay for it again. You can also disable the system applications provided with the phone.

Note: Some steps only work on Android 8.1 and later. How to check the Android version

Removing installed applications

  • Open the Google Play Store app.
  • Click Menu -> My games and applications.
  • Click an application or game.
  • Click Uninstall.

Tip: If you remove or disable the application, you can reinstall it on your phone. If it was a paid application, you don’t have to buy it a second time – just reinstall it. How to reinstall and enable applications

How to delete apps?

Disabling the applications provided with the phone

Some system applications pre-installed on an Android phone cannot be removed. However, you can turn them off on selected devices. Thanks to this, they will no longer appear in the application list. Contact the device manufacturer to learn how to disable applications.

Which Android applications can you remove?

Applications undoubtedly make our lives easier, but sometimes there are too many of them and uselessly the internal memory of phones. If we remove some useless applications from Android, then we will have more space for your favorite songs, photos or video materials.

However, you should know that we can easily remove only the applications we have installed. System applications on Android or pre-installed, i.e. those that are permanently attached to the software and that appear even after the phone has been restored to factory settings, we can only turn off or remove after obtaining special permissions for full access, i.e. root.

How to delete applications on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Learn how to remove third-party applications that are installed on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Removing the application

  • Tap and hold the application icon.
  • Tap Delete Application.
  • Tap Delete.

If you delete the application, any existing subscriptions from the application will not be automatically canceled. When you remove the application, the Cancel subscriptions option may appear. Learn how to manage subscriptions.



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