How to make Margaritas?

The margarita drink is very simple to prepare and perfectly refreshes on hot days. How to make Margaritas?

Margarita – drink. What is worth knowing about him?

The margarita drink comes from Mexico. His name probably came from the name of the woman for whom he was prepared for the first time. This is a delicious, refreshing drink most often prepared with the addition of lemon. It can also be served with other fruits or fruit juices – the strawberry version is particularly popular. An important element of serving Margarita is crusting the edge of the glass in which the cocktail is served. It involves wetting the edge of the glass and soaking it in salt so that it sticks to the glass.

Margarita drink – composition

The list of ingredients for the basic version of margarita drink is not long. To prepare it you will need tequila, triple sec liqueur (i.e. sweet orange liqueur with 40% alcohol content. Triple sec means that the alcohol was distilled three times during its production), e.g. Cointreau, and lemon juice. If you want to prepare a margarita drink with other fruits, e.g. strawberries, add a few pieces (blended or whole) to the cocktail.


Ingredients (for 2 portions):

  • 60 ml tequila,
  • 30 ml triple sec liqueur, e.g. Cointreau,
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • edge crusting salt
How to make Margaritas?

Margarita drink – how to make it?

Edge the glass on a high leg in which the drink will be prepared, soak it in lemon juice, and then immerse it in salt. Mix all the ingredients in a shaker or a separate glass. Then pour the contents into glasses so as not to damage the cracked edge. Serve the drink chilled (you can throw a little crushed ice into it).

Margarita strawberry frozen 

Frozen strawberry margarita can be made all year round, but strangely it also works great in summer, because ice crystals give the cocktail a kick kick and quench summer thirst 🙂 For sunny and hot weather it is perfect. But not only for the summer, but also for the rest of the year. The advantage of this margarita is that frozen strawberries can be bought at any local store, plus a blender and a few extra ice cubes.

Margarita mango

Our next proposal is mango margarita – maybe less popular but as tasty as strawberry margarita. For its preparation, just a base in the form of classic margaritas but also a ripe and ripe mango fruit. See how easy and quick to peel mangoes. This will give us a thick, sweet-lime cocktail with a distinct mango flavor. You must try this taste.

Basil Margarita with kiwi 

You also have to try our discovery, i.e. the basil margarita with kiwi. Nobody would expect that basil and kiwi can interact with each other, and yet …

Raspberry Margarita 

In the summer season, just like strawberry margarita is worth making raspberry margarita. Just a few ice cubes, a box of raspberries, tequila, orange liqueur (triple sec), lime juice, sugar syrup (optional sugar) and we have a sensational summer cocktail 🙂

Marbarita Margarita

To make margaritas, exotic fruits such as watermelon are also used. The watermelon itself has the features of a very refreshing fruit, and in combination with equally refreshing lime juice it gives not only a very summer composition, but also a very party one 🙂



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