How to grill chicken?

Grilling chicken, although quite popular, often causes many problems. Delicate meat is easy to burn from the outside, without baking inside. Let us tell you a few secrets on how to make chicken crispy, soft and taste the best it can. How to grill chicken?

Perfect grilled chicken and marinade

Our tips are for preparing chicken on a gas grill, electric grill and coal grill.

The starting point is the appropriate marinade. Spices alone are not enough. It’s great if it consists largely of oil, butter or other types of fat. We can only spread the meat on it, but it’s much better if we soak chicken pieces in the marinade for several hours. Soaked meat has a much greater chance of not only tasting better (thanks to soaking in spices), but also maintaining perfect crunchiness.

3 tips to perfectly grill the chicken

It is true that grilling chicken is a river theme, and the art of cooking it can be improved forever. However, at the end we will give 3 tips that may just contribute to the fact that your grilling will acquire a completely different taste?

  1. Just before the end of baking / grilling, brush chicken with butter or drizzle with cold water.
  2. Brush the chicken with lightly salted water 10 minutes before the end of baking / grilling.
  3. For 2 hours before placing in the oven or placing on the grill, rub the chicken with honey or sugar and put in the fridge.
How to grill chicken?

What you need?

  • 1-3 medium or large chicken breast fillets (depending on how many people the dish will be prepared),
  • Additives that will allow you to create a simple marinade – Italian sauce, barbecue sauce, olive oil, basil, pepper, salt, etc.

┬áLet’s get started!

  1. At the beginning, we care about the proper placement of the grill and all safety issues, because effective grilling is safe grilling. We thoroughly clean the grill grate with a brush so that no residue from the previous session remains on it. Then heat the grill to a high temperature for 10-15 minutes.
  1. Marinate only thawed chicken breast! I do not give specific types of spices that can be used, because their selection is an individual matter – I, for example, use olive oil and a few basil leaves, without forgetting about the basic spices, such as pepper or salt. Many people add lemon juice to intensify the taste, but there is also nothing to prevent, for example, using ready-made herb mixtures that can be purchased in stores. After thoroughly covering the meat with marinade, it is worth closing it tightly in a plastic bag and leaving it in the fridge for some time to give it the right taste and aroma.
  1. After warming up the device, set a medium fire and reach a temperature of 220-230 degrees Celsius.
  1. Grill for about 9-10 minutes. We turn the fillet to the other side about halfway through this time so that it is properly fried on both sides and at the same time juicy. It is worth controlling and not afraid of improvisation – sometimes it is worth leaving the chicken for tens of seconds longer to get beautiful, typically grilling traces of browning on both sides of the fillet.
  1. To ensure that the chicken has been properly cooked, check its internal temperature with a baking thermometer. When it indicates a temperature of 73-75 degrees Celsius, the fillet can be removed from the grill and cooled.



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